Welcome to the Call of Alnchy WikiEdit

This is a Wiki I (MelvanaInChains) am gonna use to list all the significant progress and plans for my hopefully-going-to-exist project, Call of Alnchy, a digitized fighting game using the MUGEN engine. Many of the names of several things in the game reference music (and some other forms of media), a concept borrowed shamelessly from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

...actually at this point this is seeming less and less of an actual full game and just ideas. So yeah. Everything here are ideas. Especially the characters.

Technical StuffEdit


Hidden: (characters that are hidden off-screen and aren't integrated into arcade mode's line-up of characters for whatever reason. For example, Melvana is a hidden character because it'd be pretty self-indulgent of me to be a main character.)

Sub-Boss: (a few characters that are also hidden off-screen, one of these will be randomly selected for arcade mode's sub-boss. For the most part, these are parodies of the type of characters that are usually made to fill this position in other fighting games.)

Final Boss:

Minor Characters:






Alchny - Melvana

MelvanaInChains - Melvana


Boring Evil Variant Melvana - Keiichi Nanba

MelvanaInChains - Melvana

Pasta I Just Ate - Hikaru Midorikawa

Special Thanks

MDISinister / MiDSinister / Mike Ivanoff - for inspiration from his own MUGEN game Thunder Duelists

Scarab / Sekarabe - for their game Battle Monsters, a game that influenced me heavily when it came to this project.

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